Gravity Beta 2 Details

Gravity Beta 2 is now available! Here's a breakdown of everything that's changed.

  • Updates to the control system: I made a few substantial changes to the way the balloon moves, and it means that you can customize what keys you want to use, use controllers, or just use your fingers. Each to their own, honestly.
  • A lot of particles: particles! Ground chunks will now have small particles that fall from it. I added this in an attempt to make it easier to know what's coming, but who knows if it will work.
  • Sound: The balloon makes a noise when it bounces and smashes. Yay. Also, objects will have big ominous sounds so you can tell your inevitable death is oncoming. You're welcome.

More things will be coming soon, but enjoy!


Gravity Beta 51 MB
Jul 27, 2019

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