Gravity Beta 3 Released!

Gravity Beta 3 is out, and along with it a number of neat new features:

  • Completely remade music: It's less dramatic but I think it highlights the best part of the game: relaxation. More tracks are coming soon, so let me know which ones you enjoy and why!
  • The buttons on the homepage actually do stuff: You can now access the options menu and change the volume settings (it will save but not do anything to the sound just yet), and access the store to purchase upgrades to:
  • Power Ups! Finally, you power ups and coins are in Gravity. Super Speed gives you heaps of coins quickly, and Ghost Touch lets you go through objects. Upgrade these using the coins you collect during the game in the store.

Here's what I'm hoping to bring along soon:

  • More music building on the R&B/Hip-Hop/Electronic style I introduced
  • Balloons with their own custom themes and gameplay styles (currently I have a Spanish-themed one, a creeper one and a PewDiePie 100-mill club one in the works with their own music)
  • Improvements to the power ups and such
  • More obstacles
  • Achievements
  • Android & iOS support


Gravity Beta 38 MB
Aug 25, 2019

Get Gravity - Rise Up (Legacy Edition)

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