It’s Isaac here with a new release (yay!) As I am writing this, the new 0.2 update is uploading, so let’s talk about new additions (and bugs!)

What’s New?

  • Introducing Cash! Now the infinite sky is far more interesting, and you can collect Cash (they are the small yellow, physics-defying, coin-like things).
  • Introducing the Shop, where you can spend your Cash :D Buy upgrades for your power ups (see below) and just generally be upset by it’s bad UI for now :P
  • And now for the golden crown of this update… Power Ups! Power ups make your life of floating and avoiding death by house far more interesting, because now you can go really fast (Super Speed) or just not hit stuff (Intangibility)!

In 0.2.5 I am going to be mainly working on the controls and bugs… there is a lot of bugs, and although I squashed huge amounts of them in this update, more have grown because of the new stuff. Hopefully touch support will be coming in 0.2.5 as well, so we can gear up for Android Beta #1 (which will also mark the update 0.3 on PC, too).

Also today on my discord server (you should join it here, I announced my second game, Hot Doggerie!
Hot doggerie will be based around breeding (and selling) food-based dogs, and will take a less-serious and just weird turn on my art style. Concepts will be coming soon!

We are also releasing a Pay What You Want version of the game, which will be updated less regularly, but will help support me and all my game making. So if you have a few Cash to spare, chuck us some, hey?


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Mar 26, 2018

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