Update 0.2.5 Released!

Update 0.2.5 Is Released!

Update 0.2.5 brings with it a variety of stability fixes and other bugs fixes, as well as a few new features…

What’s New?

  • Touch Screen Support: Gearing up for the Android release (which is coming soon, I just need to figure out some implications with Game Maker), touch support is now enabled! Although to utilize it you may have to double-tap and hold.
  • New Shop Entry and Exit Buttons: Rather than pressing keys (and to help with touch support), new buttons have been added to the shop entry and exit, and along with that a button to exit the game.
    (Yeah sorry I didn’t put that in sooner)
    • Many bugs have been squashed, much to consumer satisfaction.

Coming Soon…

  • New Sound Effects: I had somebody compare my sound effects with Chinese Water Torture (you can find out more here!), so I am notkeeping them. They just don’t suit the game, etc.
  • New Music? I’m not quite content with the current soundtrack, and hopefully with fund raising I may outsource getting the soundtrack made. Should I do this or not?
  • A Redesigned Obstacle System! Finally, be fascinated by the things you are doomed to smash into! BWHAHAHAHA!
  • More Balloons: This one is purely by popular request, so thanks all of y’all who are shooting ideas at me :)
  • And General Game Balancing and Bug Fixes

Also a Shoutout…

I would like to shout out to Cryptic Hybrid, an amazing youtuber who found joy in my game (and made a video about it!) so jump on over there and tell him I sent you!
He made a video about Gravity a while back so go support him!

And Our Discord Server…

(It Does Exist Guys)

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Thank you, thank you for sharing and the kind words! :)